What are you fighting for? It all started from this question.

«Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about», Plato said.
Here at LUCTATOR we really want to know what kind of battle you are fighting. What pushes you to fight every day.

To escape from the harsh reality”, “Because I needed new motivations”, “Because it makes me feel alive”, “Because life took everything from me but I want to demonstrate I’m stronger than that”.

These are just some of the motivations of professional and non-professional athletes of fighting sports and martial arts and that we are going to tell through #IFightFor.

The aim of our initiative is to spread the message that even fighting sports, as well as all other sports, are really important in the life of any athlete, especially as an answer to difficult situations.

Behind MMA, boxe and all others sports that are usually labelled as violent, there are important life journeys that deeply touch the health and psychology of the individual.

With #IFightFor we want to give voice to those who fight every day to escape difficult situations thanks to these sports. Their practice can make one’s temper and spirit stronger: get the awareness that you can get rid of suffering and pain.

Practicing fighting sports doesn’t mean necessarily that you have repressed anger to let out or that you belong to stigmatized social classes; actually, it is exactly the opposite.

Fighting is the first step to try to solve insecurities, to overtake traumas, violence, abuses and bullying events. These are the kind of stories we are going to learn about thanks to #IFightFor.

We are ready to listen to your story as well!
If you think you have a story that deserves to be told, write us an email using the contact form you can find here below on the right and we will answer you shortly.

Anyone could be a LUCTATOR, you just have to decide WHEN.